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The VIN (vehicle identification number) can be found on a car, SUV, and truck on the drivers side dashboard or on the divers side door jam. On other vehicles please refer to the title registration or insurance slip. If you cannot located the VIN number of a vehicle request it from the seller or proceed with extreme caution and due diligence. Please click on below link for sample VIN.

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Enter your VIN number below to lookup the vehicle VIN report. A basic VIN check is free and will identify the vehicle along with year and brief description. If you would like a detailed report you can quickly continue here and get a full detailed report within minutes.

Peace of mind, and sound choices.

Think of a VIN report as a second opinion and your inside guy to information that is not easily accessible to the general public.

Get to the “Nitty Gritty”.

Lets face the facts, some sellers are not willing to tell you everything or just may not know. Our service helps determine many key factors that will help you decide if this is the right car for you.

Where can I find my VIN?

Why do I need a VIN report and check?

Is this all I need before I buy?

Sample VIN

Because a simple handshake is not good enough anymore. Our reports include some of the following.
Liens: A VIN Check and help find liens that may
or may not have been disclosed.
Accidents: Reported claims, write offs, and junk salvage titles are recorded by the NMVTIS.
Former Rental: A VIN check and report will let you know if the vehicle was a former rental.

The simple answer is no… If you are not a mechanic or have no mechanical knowledge it is always suggested that you take your vehicle into a certified mechanic for a complete inspection. Please remember a VIN check/report only shows what has been reported to insurance, DMV, and NMVTIS but if the seller has repaired the vehicle and has not reported the damage it will not show.

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